Mortgage and mortgage are not the same. Both of these services differ from each other in some assumptions, so let’s take a look at them and explain what they are about.

What is a mortgage?

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Let’s start with what a mortgage is and how it works, because it may not be completely clear to everyone. A mortgage may encumber real estate, perpetual usufruct or cooperative rights to premises – in whole or in a fractional part, constituting the share of a co-owner.

Therefore, a mortgage is a physical limitation that gives the creditor (bank or lender) security on real estate as security in the event of default. So if the loan or credit is not repaid, the creditor will sell the encumbered property and recover the missing loan / credit amount from the money obtained in this way.

Mortgage Loan

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A mortgage loan differs from other loans known from advertisements in that its main guarantor is a mortgage on the property – i.e. the apartment or house owned by the borrower. The mortgage loan is usually long-term, for approximately 15-20 years, and its value usually constitutes 70% of the price (value) of the pledged property. For this reason, the interest rate on such a loan is lower than for typical consumer loans and credits. However, it should be remembered that in connection with the mortgage, an entry in the land and mortgage register will be required.

Money received under a mortgage can be used for any purpose, provided that it is not associated with business operations.


A mortgage is a long-term (usually taken for several dozen years) liability to the bank. The main collateral here is a mortgage on the property, but the borrower responds not only with his current assets, but also with future, as well as income – current and future. The upper limit of such a commitment is the value of the mortgage, no more.

The mortgage is granted only for the purchase of real estate or its creation, i.e. construction investment. In the latter case, such a loan is called a construction and mortgage loan.

Installment loans in Monedo

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Installment loans in Monedo are one of the leading services of this type on the Polish market . You can borrow from PLN 1,000 to even PLN 10,000 the first time. On the Monedo website you can quickly and conveniently check what installments are offered for each of the available amounts and see the APRC amount for each of the settings.

The process of obtaining a loan in Monedo is very simple: just complete the online application, wait for the decision, confirm the offer and it’s ready! No stacks of documents are required: all you need is an adult, have a valid ID and an open bank account.

Reviews on Monedo Now

Always read the opinions about it before using the services of a new loan company. On the Loan Portal you can find a full description and evaluation of Monedo Now’s activities. We looked at the application process, the cost of the loan, the benefits of using Monedo – in a word: we’ve put together the pros and cons of the company. With what result? Monedo Now is regularly at the forefront of monthly installment loan rankings on the Loan Portal!

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